An Ecommerce Guide To Shopify Shipping

Everyone’s got at least one winning idea in their back pocket, and for an increasing number of people, that idea is becoming a reality. No longer beholden to the trappings of a brick and mortar store – the rent, the upkeep, the added employees and supplies – entrepreneurs are turning their attention to the eCommerce realm.

With this sharp uptick in eCommerce retail, it makes sense that there would be a company that popped up to help retailers smoothly and efficiently operate.  After all, creating a website, engaging with prospective customers, setting up a payment system and negotiating low prices on shipping services are not easy tasks.

That’s where Shopify comes in. The company, based in Ottawa, helps retailers facilitate customer engagement, payment, advertising, and shipping, all on an easy to use, easy to peruse platform. But Shopify’s shipping can only get you part of the way toward affordable shipping – to get the cheapest international shipping from Canada or the States, Shopify retailers rely on the netParcel app.

This article will briefly discuss how to get your Shopify shop off the ground, what you need to know about Shopify shipping, and what the netParcel app can offer your business.

How To Use Shopify

Armed with an idea, a business plan and goods to sell, you can quickly and easily open a Shopify store. Simply choose and install a theme (that is, the look and layout), customize it to reflect your business’s unique offerings, and link your banking details so that you can sell products. Those are the basic beginning steps. From there, you get into advertising, content marketing and customer engagement.

Shopify Shipping

With luck, over time your business will flourish. But in order to offer the best possible customer service, you need to offer courier shipping: the only quick, reliable and trackable way for your customers to get their goods. And in order to offer courier shipping without overspending, you need netParcel.

Shopify shipping is simple to use, but without the addition of the netParcel app, you wind up paying quite a bit more for shipping. For eCommerce stores offering free shipping over a certain amount, or offering an across-the-board shipping rate, it’s important to hunt down the cheapest shipping from Canada to US and vice versa – it’s one of those simple things you can do to increase profits.



Using The netParcel App

With your business set up, you need only head to the Shopify apps and search for netParcel – or simply follow this link. You install the app (free of charge), sign up for our service (also free of charge!) and once integrated with Shopify, you’ll have access to netParcel’s cheap carrier rates, which you can compare and choose. Select your carrier, print the labels, and schedule pick up. It’s that easy. The whole netParcel integration takes literally minutes and will save you up to 70% on shipping costs.

If you have an idea that you want to make a reality, go for it. Open a Shopify store, market your goods and choose the netParcel app to get the cheapest shipping rates on international packages. All from the comfort of your desk at home!

About the author: Lee de Hooge

A strategic and digital marketer, Lee has been in the online space for almost a decade working for successful, big brand Canadian retailers. Lee brings a wealth of marketing and eCommerce expertise to netParcel. She is passionate about social media and has been looking for cheaper ways to ship all of her online purchases for years. Lee has two young boys that add just the right amount of chaos to keep life exciting. She can be found on her smartphone and cooking -- almost always at the same time.


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