Why Are the Shipping Times in Europe Improving Quickly?

A slow parcel delivery can be a burden to a small business. Customers have high expectations when it comes to delivery, especially because of corporate giants like Amazon offering near-instant gratification. If that delivery stretches from a few days into a week or two, the customer could get frustrated and vow never to patronize the place again.

There is good news on the horizon for small businesses and customers, alike. Due to the full integration of FedEx and TNT, the delivery times for economy parcel shipments across Europe are going to be faster than ever.

If you weren’t aware, TNT Express was one of the largest express delivery companies in the world. In May 2016, TNT began its integration with FedEx, the multinational courier service company. Long after the announcement, FedEx and TNT have made a conscious effort to fully integrate this year. TNT will become FedEx Express. 

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What does this mean? FedEx Express will be using the TNT European road network for FedEx Intra-Europe Economy shipments. Transit lines will improve an estimated 40% of the European lanes. All in all, the change should lead to much faster, more efficient deliveries.

According to BizJournals, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Spain are going to be the first European countries to deal with the improvements. Other countries will see the progress soon. The company declared that they could expect results for early 2019.

The representatives of FedEx Express have asserted that this move will positively impact trading across Europe, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) depending on parcel deliveries. The service advancements would guarantee rapid deliveries, quicker returns and happier customers.

The situation does more than help European businesses that send parcels across the continent — it helps businesses from overseas, as well. Canadian and American companies can have an easier time sending packages to their customers abroad.

NetParcel offers up to 70% off for economy international shipping services for businesses located in Canada and the United States. Since FedEx is one of the courier options for shipments and deliveries, owners can benefit from the integration of FedEx and TNT in Europe, too. While the delivery process may not be as quick as 2 to 5 business days, it will certainly be an improvement.

The international shipments will have to be completed through volume consolidation services. Volume consolidation is a cargo shipping technique that combines individual orders so that the shipping container is full. The technique is beneficial for two reasons: higher security for the items and lower shipping costs. You should click here to learn more about the shipping options that are available for your needs as an owner.

Even if a customer orders a product from overseas, they don’t want to wait too long before it arrives on their doorstep. While you can’t offer the instant gratification and arrival they are hoping for when your business is sitting halfway across the planet — you can at least look for a solution for speedy and safe delivery. With the assistance of netParcel, you can also get that solution at a good price.

About the author: Lee de Hooge

A strategic and digital marketer, Lee has been in the online space for almost a decade working for successful, big brand Canadian retailers. Lee brings a wealth of marketing and eCommerce expertise to netParcel. She is passionate about social media and has been looking for cheaper ways to ship all of her online purchases for years. Lee has two young boys that add just the right amount of chaos to keep life exciting. She can be found on her smartphone and cooking -- almost always at the same time.


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