The Top E-commerce Sites for 2019 – Reviewed

If you are an E-commerce merchant, it doesn’t suffice any longer to pick one channel and stick with it. Consumers are savvier than ever, and the data shows that, increasingly, they buy their good and services across multiple channels. Essentially, wherever your customers are, you want to be there. And wherever you are, we at netParcel want to be there, offering economy international shipping services to your and your customers.


This Canadian company has been a booming success over the past few years, in large part because of its easy functionality, attractive themes and – at least for the “Shopify Basic” plan – it is inexpensive. If you are just getting started in E-commerce, looking for a simple way to get your store off the ground, with plenty of features to help you market your stuff, and stellar customer support, Shopify is great. Best of all (and we might be a little biased here), you can easily get the netParcel app through Shopify, to unlock the cheapest international shipping from Canada and the US.


This is a big, powerful platform that offers great customizability, with a vast community of plugin developers to push things forward. WooCommerce itself is a plugin for WordPress, the uber-popular website platform used by many existing brick and mortar businesses. This means that, for the brick and mortar store looking to add sales channels, and who already has a WordPress, WooCommerce is a good way to go. It can get bogged down with features, however, and its lack of centralized support has been a noted downside.


ecommerce platforms

True to its name, BigCommerce is a – well – big commerce platform. Small Business Trends went to bat for it as their top pick for E-commerce business platforms for 2019, citing its flexibility, simplified processes and easy capability for integration. Ecommerce Guide, by contrast, said that one time tasks like setup and store tweaks can be confusing. BigCommerce is great, however, for stores looking to sync their inventories with other channels, as it is very omnichannel friendly – a huge plus in today’s marketplace.

Check their apps section to find netParcel, and couple the platform’s omnichannel functionality with our cheapest shipping options from the USA and Canada to create a powerful edge.


To this point, we have been discussing platforms that are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, but what about enterprise level businesses? As for enterprise E-commerce platforms, perhaps the biggest is Magento, used by the likes of companies like Samsung and Coca Cola. As you would expect, the Magenta’s enterprise version is expensive – between $15,000 and $50,000/year. E-commerce Guide notes that Magenta’s support leaves something to be desired, but that its features are absolutely top-notch. This one is for big companies – there is no doubt about it.

Whichever platform(s) you eventually choose, we hope you will also check out netParcel. It is our mission to offer the cheapest international shipping to businesses so that you can raise your profits and pass savings onto your consumers. That is one feature you should never be without!

About the author: Lee de Hooge

A strategic and digital marketer, Lee has been in the online space for almost a decade working for successful, big brand Canadian retailers. Lee brings a wealth of marketing and eCommerce expertise to netParcel. She is passionate about social media and has been looking for cheaper ways to ship all of her online purchases for years. Lee has two young boys that add just the right amount of chaos to keep life exciting. She can be found on her smartphone and cooking -- almost always at the same time.

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