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As a small business, you need to save money on shipping. Getting shipping quotes from dozens of different carriers to find the cheapest way to ship to your customers is time-consuming and expensive. That’s why netParcel always finds you the lowest shipping price with the right carrier.

Anyone can get a shipping quote with our shipping cost calculator. Enter your origin and destination ZIP or postal codes, the dimensions and weight of your parcel, the insured value of your package, and your method of shipping, and you instantly get results. You see both the carrier price and our price, with your savings automatically calculated.

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One of the biggest obstacles to saving money on shipping rates is the time it takes to get quotes from multiple carriers. Carriers offer wide-ranging rates for different destinations and shipping methods. Even carriers you’ve worked with in the past that offer low shipping rates may not have the best deals for the package and destination you need now. netParcel works with major carriers including Loomis Express, UPS, DHL, FedEx, Purolator, and Bpost to offer better prices and an easy platform to compare shipping rates. With netParcel, it’s easy to compare shipping rates.

Plan Shipping Costs with Our Shipping Calculator

Small businesses and ecommerce enterprises need to be able to plan their shipping costs ahead of time. Consumers have high expectations when it comes to shipping. Many want their products to arrive in a matter of days and others expect free shipping. These can seem challenging for small businesses and ecommerce entrepreneurs, but with the right planning, meeting these expectations can create satisfied, loyal customers. You can quickly estimate your costs with our shipping calculator and plan your strategy for keeping customers happy.

As your business grows, you will quickly need to find a multi-vendor shipping arrangement to stay cost-effective. Different carriers offer better prices for bulky packages, parcels, envelopes, and LTL shipping to urban and rural or domestic and international destinations. You can save money when you have a chance to estimate shipping costs before your customers expect delivery. Use our shipping calculator to find shipping prices and plan your strategy ahead of time. You need to constantly refine your shipping strategy to keep costs down. Our shipping cost calculator helps you revise your plans in no time.

See Your Savings on Your Shipping Quote

Find out how much you can save with netParcel by using our shipping cost calculator. Your shipping estimate includes the carrier price, our price, and the size of your savings. You can save as much as 70% on shipping by comparing shipping rates and finding the best carriers for your business. When you sign up, you can easily connect with all major ecommerce platforms to automatically connect you with better shipping prices. Get your shipping estimates right here, right now. You don’t need to sign up to use our shipping calculator. Find out how much your business can save with netParcel before you join and access the lowest shipping costs on small parcel, consolidated, and LTL shipping with all major carriers.