netParcel is now available in French!

French platform and operations support now available! We are very excited to announce that netParcel now supports French speaking merchants through our translated platform and new operations customer support team member.  Any questions can now be addressed via email and phone support in French and all merchant emails are also provided in french along with

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Avoid expensive address correction fees using our new free service

How to avoid address correction surcharges in the US and Canada Address correction fees of $14.50 or more are unexpected and expensive.  Using our new service can help alleviate that by flagging invalid addresses, missing apartments or units and P.O. Boxes. We understand that as a merchant you are shipping to the address provided and

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Label Size Selection and Electronic Commercial Invoice

Letter Sized and Thermal Label Selection To change your default label size please follow the steps below: Click the welcome button in the top right section of the app Click “Settings” Navigate to “Preferred Label Size” and select your preferred label.  Thermal or Letter Sized. Click “Save Settings” You’re done! Electronic Commercial Invoice netParcel is

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best shopping apps online

What Are the Best Shipping Apps for Stores on Shopify

Shopify offers a wide variety of apps that can make shipping products cheaper and easier for your business. Check out these options below to see if they would improve the shipping process and benefit your online store.  For Shipping: If you are worried about shipping costs, you should download netParcel today to help you gain

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small business shipping discounts

Big Shipping Discounts Can Really Help Struggling Businesses

Owning a small business can be challenging, especially when you’re making just enough profit to scrape by. The cost of shipping your products to customers around the country or across the world can feel like a financial burden. To get some relief, small businesses can access big shipping discounts. Why should small businesses care about

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